In this article, we will talk about many of the best new hair loss treatment 2015 that are being researched and released throughout this year. Many of these new hair loss treatment 2015 have been showing very promising results. We will talk about stem cell hair regrowth, platelet rich plasma for hair growth, red light biostimulation, laser cap for hair restoration, DHT for hair growth, honey for hair growth, apple cider vinegar for hair loss, onion juice for hair loss, onion juice and honey for hair loss, potato juice for hair loss and many more new hair loss treatment 2015 for you below.

New Hair Loss Treatment 2015

JAK inhibitors for Alopecia Areata

JAK Inhibitors, Alopecia Areata, JAK inhibitors for Alopecia Areata

Worried about Alopecia areata! Try JAK inhibitors to get rid of Alopecia Areata.


Alopecia areata is a condition that causes hair loss. It occurs when the immune system that is designed for fighting off diseases and viruses mistakenly treats the hair follicles in the same way and attacks them. This causes unwanted hair loss and encourages hair fall out. It is not fully understood what it is exactly that causes the immune system to attack the hair follicles but research is continuing to better understand it.

Who it Affects

This is generally not the cause of hair loss for older men and women. If you are an older person and are experiencing hair loss, it is much more likely to be from other factors. Although it is possible for this condition to effect older people, it is rare enough where it should not be considered to be a common cause of it.

If, however, you are experiencing hair loss at a young age, it is highly likely that it is due to this condition. Alopecia areata can affect people as young as 15-20 years old. It has even been seen to affect children in rare cases. This is not a condition that is limited to a certain gender. It affects both men and women at roughly the same rate.

How to Spot Alopecia Areata

To spot alopecia areata, you should look for clumps of hair falling out. It will typically affect small sections of your hair in a group as opposed to normal hair loss which is slow, even and consistent over time. You will notice a smooth area on your scalp where the hair has fallen out. The good news is that the hair loss that you discover is not permanent. When the immune system stops attacking the hair follicles, the hair will typically grow back as normal over time. The bad news is that it can occur repeatedly in different areas without any warning.

Treatment Options using JAK inhibitors

There are some treatment options if you find that you are experiencing this condition. You can be prescribed certain types of drugs called JAK inhibitors. JAK inhibitors have been shown to be able to block the pathways that the immune system takes to attack the hair follicles. This means that even though your body will continue to experience alopecia areata, the drug will be able to block the process directly before it causes any hair loss.

The drug is still in its early stages of testing but so far, it has shown positive results. With patients that are experiencing moderate and above alopecia areata (around 30% or more hair loss), some patients have begun to eliminate their hair loss after 5 months of treatments. The exact success rates are still yet to be determined which will be done through more testing over time.

Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Treatment for Hair Loss

Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Treatment is the latest research that is said to be catching on lately. This treatment is said to be very effective in preventing from further hair loss and making your hair grow.

Stem Cell Hair Growth Treatment – The latest way to regain your lost hair!!

Stem cell hair regrowth research has been showing a lot of promise with regard to new hair loss treatment 2015. Stem cell hair regrowth cells are progenitor cells which are extracted from the body which are not yet developed into specialized cells. These stem cell hair regrowth cells will have the ability to divide and change into a variety of different types of specialized cells based on the environment that they are relocated into. Doctors are able to use these cells to replace the existing cells in areas of your body that are unable to or no longer able to grow hair where it should.

Types of Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Treatments

There are two different types of stem cell hair regrowth cells that will generally be used for a new hair loss treatment 2015. The first type is called embryonic stem cell hair regrowth cells, which are extracted from the inner portion of the cell mass. The other type is called adult stem cells. Adult stem cells can be extracted in a variety of ways such as bone marrow and through the blood or fat tissue of the body. Adult stem cell hair regrowth cells are also known as mesenchyme stem cells.

A new hair loss treatment 2015 is being developed using stem cells that will aim to treat both hair loss and thinning hair. The idea behind the treatment is to stimulate the stem cell hair regrowth cells which are located in the hair follicles. Stimulating or re-activating these stem cell hair regrowth cells will allow the hair to grow in like it once did when the patient was younger. The hope is that after the treatment, the patient will experience hair regrowth and hair that is thicker than before. This would create a very full and natural look for them which is something that hair transplant patients still struggle with.

Development Stages

As of now, this treatment option is still in its developmental stages. It is not yet known how effective this type of treatment will be, however, there is no reason to believe it will not work. So far, there have been very promising results and it looks like it could quickly become one of the most exciting new hair loss treatment 2015 to come. There is not enough research to give an accurate assessment of the success rates that you can expect and it is not yet available to patients as a procedure yet. You should expect it to become available in the very near future as researchers are continuing to test this new hair loss treatment 2015.

Arthritis Drug Used to Treat Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia universalis is a condition that causes hair loss. This term is generally used to describe when hair loss occurs in large areas of the scalp or body. In serious cases, the patient can experience complete and total hair loss. It is similar to alopecia areata, which was discussed above, but a much more advanced form of it. The cause of alopecia universalis is not fully understood at this time, however, researchers mainly point to immune system issues with the patient as the underlying cause of the condition. This condition has been observed to affect a large number of people who have family members who have also been affected with the condition. Around 1/5th of the people that experience alopecia universalis have also had a family member that has the condition as well. There is no way to completely cure this condition as far as researchers know so far.

Recently, researchers at Yale University have discovered that a drug that is commonly used to treat arthritis may also be able to cure significant hair loss and even those that have been affected by alopecia universalis. Doctors have begun testing this arthritis treatment on a patient that has been affected by alopecia universalis for over 25 years. The patient lost all of their hair the course of several years, including all of the hair on their scalp, body and face. After the treatment, the patient began growing back their hair. They saw hair regrowth all throughout the patient’s body including the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Tofacitinib Citrate

The drug that was used is called Tofacitinib Citrate, which is an FDA approved drug that has been available to people that have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. Up until now, it was not known that an arthritis drug could be used to treat hair loss. Research is still in its beginning stages, but the results look very promising and it could become the best new hair loss treatment 2015.

The Results

The patient began to regrow hair that they had lost 10 years ago within 8 months of the treatment. The patient took 10 mg of Tofacitinib Citrateper day every day throughout that period.

Doctors have speculated that the drug was able to shut off the immune system from being able to attack the hair follicles which is thought to be the main cause of the disease. Once the pathway for the immune system has been shut off, the hair follicles are free to begin growing hair again for the first time in years.

After these findings, some doctors have begun to treat their patients with the arthritis drug who are suffering from this condition. The results of the treatments are still being observed but so far, it looks like we may have finally found an answer to alopecia universalis making Tofacitinib Citrate of the most exciting new hair loss treatment 2015.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Growth

Platelet rich plasma for hair growth, Plasma, Hair growth, Platelet rich plasma

Worried about your hair not growing or losing your hair? Go in for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy!

Androgenetic Alopecia, otherwise known as AGA is the name of a condition that causes chronic hair loss. It is a progressive disease that affects both genders. It can affect up to 80% of men and 40% of women. It is closely linked to age. It affects a much higher rate of older people than younger people but it can begin as early as you teenage years in rare circumstances. It is one of the most common causes of hair loss and will affect the majority of people beginning at some point in their lives.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Recently, platelet rich plasma for hair growth has started to be used as a new hair loss treatment 2015 for AGA. Platelet rich plasma for hair growth or (PRP) is blood plasma which has been artificially enriched with platelets. Platelets are small cell fragments that are typically extracted from the blood.

How can Platelet Rich Plasma Help?

Platelet rich plasma for hair growth is a treatment that can help restore your hair loss. It is a non-surgical procedure that may be able to solve your hair loss problems. Platelet rich plasma for hair growth is able to activate and stimulate adult stem cells located in the hair follicles to encourage faster and more hair growth. You can expect your hair to grow in thicker and you should start to see hair start growing again, that stopped growing before.

Platelet Rich Plasma Study

A study of 20 patients was conducted to find how effective the platelet rich plasma for hair growth can actually be. The results were very promising. Although not all of the patients saw an improvement, many did. Of those that did see an improvement, some saw dramatic and noticeable changes in the amount of hair that they were able to regrow during the treatment. The results were good enough that the platelet rich plasma for hair growth will have strong interest from researchers and will likely continue to be explored, tested and developed as a new hair loss treatment 2015.

Treatment Availability

This treatment is currently available for patients at any hair restoration treatment centers. Since it is a fairly new procedure, we would recommend that you consult a medical professional before you decide to undergo this for yourself.

Red Light Biostimulation

Red light Biostimulation, Red light Biostimulation treatment

Red Light Biostimulation the Best Treatment to restore your crowning Glory!

Red light biostimulation is the process of using light therapy of certain wavelengths (red light) to help restore hair. Red light biostimulation is a new hair loss treatment 2015 that is praised as being an easy, pain-free and completely un-intrusive way to stimulate hair growth. The red light biostimulation treatment stimulates blood circulation at and around the hair follicles which improves protein synthesis, increases cellular metabolism and lessens inflation all of which encourage hair growth. The treatment involves a system of 107 lasers that is designed to be able to deliver the low energy light to the whole scalp at once. This ensures that the treatment is done in a uniform manner. The light from the biostimulation is able to penetrate several layers into the tissue to provide the cells with the increased blood flow that it needs to improve its functions and ability to regrow hair.


A red light biostimulation treatment will typically take 30 minutes and the patient should not experience and pain or discomfort throughout that time. This is a treatment that will involve many visits over a certain amount of time. The amount of time and number of visits that you will need to complete the red light biostimulation procedure entirely will vary depending on the amount of hair loss that you have experienced and the strength of each treatment. The doctor will be able to give you a good idea on the amount of treatments that you should expect to receive in order to see the results that you are looking for.

Success Rate

The success rate of the red light biostimulation treatment is fairly high. Although it may not work for everyone, findings have shown that up to 85% of patients have noticed an improvement in the amount of hair that they have on their scalp after they have successfully completed the biostimulation treatments.


Latisse, Latisse for eyelashes, eyelashes

Want long eyelashes? Try Latisse!

LATISSE is a new product that is targeted towards lengthening the eyelashes. It is made by the same company that created Botox. Its claim to fame is that it is currently the only product that has been approved by the FDA to treat eyelash issues.

LATISSE can be used to help grow out longer eyelashes and grow the eyelashes in thicker. It is most beneficial to those who have very thin eyelashes, often as a result of not having enough hair follicles on the eyelash. Although there is no way to artificially grow hair where you do not have a hair follicle, you can use this product to thicken the hair that you do have in order to create the appearance that you have thicker and fuller eyelashes. To use LATISSE, apply it once in each eye at night. You should start to see noticeable differences after a few weeks of continual use.

Laser Cap for Hair Restoration

Laser cap, laser cap for hair restoration, red light BiostimulationDr. Alan Bauman

Latest technology to stop hair loss.

Laser cap for hair restoration is a revolutionary new way to treat hair loss. It uses a system of lasers that you can use at home. It is a portable system which you can wear under any normal type of hat. It works in a similar way that red light biostimulation does with the exception being that red light biostimulation requires doctor visits while laser cap for hair restoration does not. The laser cap for hair restoration system has 224 lasers that fit over your scalp and are completely portable. It is an FDA approved system and is the only one of its type available right now.

How Laser Cap Works

It uses low level lasers to provide hair regrowth therapy without causing any pain or discomfort to the user. They will be able to go about their day as normal while receiving the laser cap for hair restoration therapy continuously. This treatment is highly effective because you can use it for much longer than you would be able to use most other types of treatment thanks to its convenient design.

Advantages of Laser Cap

Although it is not necessarily cheap, the Laser cap for hair restoration system is much cheaper than many of the other treatments that you might use. The main reason for this is that the laser cap for hair restoration system does not require a doctor’s appointment. You should consult your doctor before you decide to use this, however. There can be issues that arise due to over use of the laser treatments. You should always make sure to follow the instructions as over stimulating your scalp with the lasers may end up causing more harm than good.

DHT for Hair Growth

DHT, DHT hormone, DHT for hair growth

Worried about Hair thinning or Hair Fall? Try DHT for Hair Growth!!

DHT for hair growth is a hormone that is produced by men which can help regrow hair. As you age, your body may not be able to produce enough DHT for hair growth which can lead to hair loss or the thinning of your hair. This is a main contributor to male pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia). Over time, the hair follicles can sometimes shirk as you age which results in the pattern baldness. This is why so many people lose their hair as they age. It leads to the thinning of the hair and eventually complete hair loss. If the body can increase the production of DHT for hair growth, it will typically result in the hair follicles returning to their normal size which allows them to grow the hair as they once use to.

There are two types of DHT for hair growth drugs that can be used with good results:

Dutasteride – An FDA approved drug that is commonly prescribed to treat enlarged prostates but it can be used to treat male pattern baldness. Off-brand versions of this drug are typically used as a DHT for hair growth treatment.

Finasteride – This is a drug that has been approved specifically as a male pattern baldness treatment option. Finasteride is not as commonly used to treat hair loss as Dutasteride is.

Dutasteride is more potent than Finasteride and will come with more exaggerated side effects. Some of the side effects that can occur during and after using this drug include erectile dysfunction, a diminished sex drive and an increased risk of male breast cancer. Depression has also been known to result from taking this drug. The side effects are the same when taking Finasteride, however, it is not as strong and will not cause these side effects as often.

Drug Free Treatments for 2015

There are also many drug free treatments available that have been shown to reduce hair loss or even reverse it. Although the following drug free treatments will typically not provide results as immediately as some of the treatment options that we discussed above, you should still expect to see significant results if used correctly. Below, we will talk about a few of the more nature new hair loss treatment 2015 including honey for hair growth, apple cider vinegar for hair loss, onion juice for hair loss, onion juice and honey for hair loss, and potato juice for hair loss.

Using Honey for Hair Growth

Honey, Antioxidant, hair growth

Honey the best remedy to treat Hair Loss

Honey for hair growth has been shown to help regrow hair and prevent hair loss. There are specific nutrients in honey that have been shown to stimulate the hair follicle and help hair growth when it is applied to the scalp. Honey for hair growth works because it can act as an emollient. This means it becomes a natural softener which conditions your hair. This will help strengthen the hair that you have and prevent it from breaking. Honey for hair growth is also a naturally occurring antioxidant. Antioxidants will help keep your scalp healthy and will stimulate hair growth. This will result in more hair growing in and more hair growing at a faster rate.

When applied directly to the scalp, honey will strengthen the hair follicles by providing them with essential nutrients that it needs to grow healthy, thick and full hair. Honey for hair growth allows you to keep moisture in the scalp and prevent it from drying out. Honey can even “wake up” the hair follicles and provide a boost to the growth rates in your hair.

Propolis Research (New Hair Loss Treatment from Bee Hives)

Recent studies have shown that a new type of hair loss treatment may be able to be derived from honey. There is a substance in honey called propolis that honey bees use to act as a sealant in their hives. The propolis is used by the honeybees to patch up small holes in their hive. It also happens to contain compounds that can fight off bacterial and fungi attacks. The substance was tested on mice recently for hair loss. The results were very promising. The mice that were treated with propolis regrew their shaved hair measurable faster than the mice that were not. The results were significant enough that scientists will continue to further explore how propolis can help with hair loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Loss

Apple cider vinegar, Apple cider vinegar for hair loss

Caption: Apple Cider Vinegar the Best Way to Treat Hair Loss

Apple cider vinegar for hair loss is another way that you can help prevent hair loss without the use of drugs or invasive procedures. Apple cider vinegar for hair losswill be able to help provide essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to grow a full head of hair. This new hair loss treatment 2015 will give you results without forcing you to undergo expensive treatments or surgeries. It can be used by anyone and is particularly helpful for people with long hair. Although it may not be as effective as some of the more invasive options that were discussed above, it will produce noticeable results after consistent use over enough time.

How to Prepare the Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Loss Mixture

     1.Boil 2 cups of water in a saucepan

  1. Combine the vinegar and add some or all of the following herbs:
    • Rosemary
    • Peppermint
    • Aloe Vera
    • Burdock
    • Lavender
    • Ginko Biloba
    • Horsetail
    • Saw Palmetto

All of these herbs have been shown to help prevent hair loss. You may also use other herbs as desired.

  1. Allow herbs to seep in the boiling water and vinegar until the water cools
  2. Once the tea cools you can use it immediately or refrigerate until you are ready to use it

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Loss

To use the apple cider vinegar for hair loss, apply it after you have washed your hair as normal. Pour the cooled apple cider vinegar for hair loss over your scalp and massage it into your hair, for extra-long hair, you may want to dip your hair into the tea first if possible. Allow the apple cider vinegar for hair loss to sit in your hair for 5 minutes and rinse it out with water. It is recommended that you apply the apple cider vinegar for hair loss in the shower because the vinegar and oils can leave stained on your floor or towels. Ensure the tea is completely rinsed out before you finish. You can apply apple cider vinegar for hair loss once per week to see the best results.

Onion Juice and Honey for Hair Loss

Onion juice, honey, onion juice and honey, best home remedy

Best Home Remedy to overcome Hair Loss Problem

Onion juice and honey for hair loss is one of the most praised home remedies you will come across. It has been used for years. Onion juice and honey for hair loss works so well because of the sulfur content. The sulfur in the onion juice and honey for hair loss is able to help improve and increase blood circulation, encourage hair growth and helps to stimulate the hair follicles to grow faster. Sulfur is critical to the health of hair. High levels of sulfur are required to produce a healthy amount of keratin and collagen. Amino acids are also dependent on sulfur. Along with those benefits, the sulfur that is contained in onion juice and honey for hair losshas been proven to help fight hair loss time and time again.

Onion Juice Research

One such study that was conducted in 2002 showed that applying onion juice for hair loss was able to improve the condition of many subjects who applied the mixture twice per day over the course of two months. Even more promising were the results with males specifically. Many of these patients in the study were suffering from alopecia and male pattern baldness. Onion juice for hair loss was able to help both groups of people.

How to Make Onion Juice and Honey for Hair Loss

What You Need

1 large red onion

Local or store brand honey

Coconut oil

A blender, bowl, strainer and measuring spoons

Onion Juice and Honey for Hair Loss Steps

  1. Peel, chop and blend the onion
  2. Squeeze the onion pulp through a strainer to drain the onion juice
  3. Combine 2 teaspoons of honey and 2-4 drops of coconut oil
  4. Mix together

How to Use Onion Juice and Honey for Hair Loss

Once the onion juice for hair loss mixture is made and ready to use, you can begin to massage it into your scalp and hair. Dip your fingers into the mixture and work it into your hair. Start at the base of the hair follicles and scalp and use your fingers to pull it through to the ends of your hair. If you have long hair or the mixture is too thick to pull through your hair, you may want to add more onion juice to thin it out if possible. Once your scalp and hair are coated with the onion juice and honey for hair loss, allow it to sit for 30 minutes and rinse it out completely in the shower. For the best results, apply the onion juice for hair loss once per day for 2-4 months.

Potato Juice for Hair Loss

Potato juice, potato juice for hair loss

Home Remedy to treat Hair Loss

Potato juice for hair loss is a not so well known hair growth remedy that really works. Potato juice for hair loss is great to use if you are looking for a do-it-yourself in home remedy to help encourage hair growth. This will help you grow your hair in more quickly and more fully. Potato juice for hair loss will also add a shine to your hair and help to moisturize it. It acts as a conditioner and is able to provide all of the benefits that a normal conditioner would be able to. Below, we will go over how you can use potato juice for hair loss.

How to Prepare Potato Juice for Hair Loss

  1. Wash and peel 1 fresh potato
  2. Cut the potato into small cubes and puree them in your blender
  3. Strain the potato puree in a strainer and drain into a bowl

How to Apply Potato Juice for Hair Loss

Now, you can massage the potato juice for hair loss into your hair and scalp. If you have long hair, you can dip your hair into the bowl to speed up the process. Additionally, rub the potato juice for hair loss into the base of the hair and down through the ends.

Allow the potato juice for hair loss to sit in your hair for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it out in the shower. You should notice that you hair is soft and shiny once your hair has dried from the water. You can repeat this process once per week for the best results.

There you have it. Twelve of the best new hair loss treatment 2015 that you can use to help grow your hair and reverse the effects of hair loss. These methods have plenty of evidence to show that they work which is why they are being talked about so much among people that are fighting hair loss. We encourage you to try some of these methods to see what works best for you. If you have any questions or have had experience with any of these methods before, please comment below and share your experience.