Yes–there are many different versions of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss that work. Many Ayurvedic treatments are solutions that actually work for hair growth. There are treatments that are optimized for the four doshas, or specific body types. The solutions are herbal mixtures. This alternative holistic healing treatment has been renewing hair growth. There are many effective simple mixtures to respond to when asked “Does Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss work?” Herbal solutions are hair loss treatments that are mixed and applied to the hair. Each person has their own unique constitution that can be identified in order to effectively prevent further hair loss. The personal balances of all systems are encouraged by just the right ingredients to help the systems work in a harmonious interdependence. There are other products marketed to the public that promise to promote hair growth.

The products that are marketed to individuals with hair loss are so expensive that the thought of attaining full, thick hair again is unrealistic. Even if the individual was able to get the product, it is likely that it will produce partial results for hair growth. Stopping hair loss and encouraging new hair growth are two separate issues, but can be answered yes to just as the question “Does Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss work?”

Pitta Prone to Hair Loss: “Does Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss work?”

A different mixture will work best for each person. The pitta dosha is prone to hair loss. The people, who are predominantly pitta, will have a harder time preventing hair loss than other doshas. A special drink can be made to be taken every night before bed by mixing goat milk, as the base, with a half of a teaspoon of an herbal mixture consisting of three parts Jatamansi, five parts dashamoola, four parts Bhringaraj. Using yogurt to massage the scalp can benefit  receding hair lines. Scalp massages are stimulating to the hair follicles on the scalp. For hair loss in general, it is recommended to massage the scalp with brahmi oil and vitamin E, before bed every night. It is also thought to be helpful to include yogurt, sesame seed in the morning meal, which will give them additional magnesium and calcium. There are many combinations to use for hair loss. Some of the most effective herbal solutions include:

  • Rinse thinning hair with apple cider vinegar or chamomile and sage tea.
  • Use licorice extract directly on the hair.
  • Baby shampoo can be used combined with 2 tablespoons of horsetail, in 4 ounces of warmed water.
  • A glass of water combined with 1 tablespoon of water cress, birch leaves, and stinging nettle.
  • Oils for scalp massages include marigold rosemary, or arnica.

To Each Their Own Answer to Hair Loss

Each particular dosha is calmed with a certain treatment. Healers who are knowledgeable in the Ayurvedic treatments that promote hair growth can give suggestions as to which is most effective for each type and constitution. Ayurvedic treatments can be made at home with minimal effort and ingredients.

These treatments are much less expensive and more effective than the traditional treatments. The natural herbal combinations of Ayurvedic knowledge can in time help hair to go from thinning and dull, to thick and shiny. This Eastern technique works to bring a sense of inner harmony to the body, while establishing equilibrium between the body and the mind. Stress is a huge contributor to directly negative health concerns.

By simply reducing stress in the body, the person is able to heal and become even more productive. Encouraging the hair to growth with Saini Herbal Scalp and Hair Conditioner is highly acclaimed. It is an Ayurvedic hair loss treatment system. It is a system that nourishes defeated and physically depleted hair. It naturally blocks DHT, while even being used as an effective conditioner that combats inactive skin cell accumulation from dandruff. The answer to “Does Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss work?” is it has for thousands of years and continues to effectively help individuals regain a natural balance, with stronger, thicker hair.