There are many home remedies to get  healthy natural hair that you can use on your own. In many ways, these options will often give you better results than store bought products. Not only that, but these alternatives can be a lot more affordable than the expensive beauty products that you are told to use by advertisements and beauty “experts”. Read below to find out how you can use these home remedies to give yourself beautiful healthy natural hair.

Egg Yolks to Condition your Hair

Egg Yolks to Condition your Hair

A Natural conditioner for your hair!!

Egg yolks are packed with rich nutrients that are a great way to give you healthy natural hair. You can take full advantage of healthy natural hair secret by applying them directly to the scalp and hair follicles. To do this, crack 2-3 eggs and separate the yolks using a spoon. Mix 1 table spoon of olive oil in with the yolks to allow the yolk to spread more easily through your hair. The olive oil will also add more shine to your hair as a bonus. Whisk together the yolks and oil aggressively until it has reached a uniform consistency.

The yolks will be a bit runny. It is best to apply the mixture to your hair with your hands over a bowl so you can reapply any of the yolk that has dripped off. Keep the mixture in your hair for around 10 minutes and rinse it off in the shower. In the end, you should be left with nutrient enriched hair that feels soft and has a shiny glow to it. Egg yolks are one of the most trusted home remedies for healthy hair there are.

Mayonnaise as a Conditioner Substitute

Mayonnaise as a Conditioner Substitute

Fed up of buying hair conditioners! Try Mayonnaise!

Along with eggs, applying mayonnaise is another one of our home remedies for healthy hair. It is a great way to condition your hair without having to use actual conditioner. It is one of the most effective ways to get healthy natural hair. It is able to penetrate deep into the hair and can provide more effective results than your everyday conditioners can. The catch is that it is messy and not very appealing to apply.

First, you are going to have to prepare for this because it will get dirty, but that is the price you are going to have to pay to get home remedies for healthy hair. Wear some clothes that you don’t mind getting messy. Although mayonnaise is white, it can sometimes leave stains.

Apply 1 ½ cups of real mayonnaise to your hair by combing it through using your fingers. Gently message it into your scalp and pull it through your hair. As you do this, make sure to get a good amount on the ends of your hair since they are generally the most damaged part.

Once the hair is thoroughly coated, twist your hair up and wrap it in a layer of cellophane. Apply a warm wet towel over top of the cellophane. Let your hair sit for 20 minutes. If the towel cools off during this time, which is expected, replace the towel with a new warm one and continue through the 20 minute wait.

Once the 20 minutes is up, you can rinse your hair off and enjoy your new healthy natural hair. Although this is a more involved process than applying egg yolks, it is more effective and will only need to be done once per month at most.

Potassium for Dry Hair

Bananas for Dry Hair

Want to add bounce to your hair!! Try bananas – a rich source of Potassium!

Potassium has been shown to add more elasticity to the hair. As you may know, a convenient way to increase your potassium intake is through bananas. While consuming bananas will improve the health of your hair, there is a better way to make use of it. You can mash bananas and apply them directly to your hair. Your hair will absorb the potassium in the bananas more directly this way. You will be able to see greater results by applying it right to the hair than you would through digestion.

To do this, mash one whole banana in a bowl and comb it through your hair with a fork or wide brush. Make sure you get all parts of your hair, including the roots and tips. The banana mash will be thick so you may need more than one, especially if you have long hair. It is completely fine to use as many bananas as you need to for each treatment. The best part about this technique is that bananas are very affordable so feel free to use as much as you need.

Allow the banana mash to sit in your hair for 15-30 minutes and rinse it off thoroughly with a healthy dose of shampoo. As a bonus, your hair will have a pleasant banana scent to it when you are done. You can repeat this process up to once per week to maximize your results.

Beer Spray

Beer Spray for hair

A good old method for conditioning the hair!!!

Of all of the odd remedies that are mentioned in this article, this is likely the one that seems the most out there. As strange as it sounds, it absolutely works. The idea of this treatment is that the carbonation from the beer will work to shave off the loose ends and extra damage throughout your hair without causing any additional damage to it. This will leave your hair feeling smooth and shiny.

Add any brand of light beer to a spray bottle and spray it throughout your hair. Jostle your hair as you apply it to make sure you get it everywhere. Alternatively, you can pour 1-2 bottles of beer into a bowl and dunk your hair in it. If you are going to drench your hair or spray it thoroughly, you should do this before you jump in the shower. Another option it to lightly spray the exterior of your hair after you have showered and dried off your hair. Lightly spraying your hair after you wash it is generally okay to do and should not leave any unpleasant odors behind.

This method is easy to try and cheap to experiment with. You can try different brands to see which works best. As you test the different brands, be aware of the alcoholic smell that can result from applying too much to your hair.

Adding (Cooking) Oils

Oils are an important part of a healthy scalp. Your body creates natural oils which protect the skin and hair from drying out. When we rinse off, we are effectively removing these oils. Soaps and shampoos are designed to remove them. Because of how often we wash, our bodies are usually not able to produce these oils as fast as the average person removes them. Most of the time, this will lead to dry skin and dry hair.

Unless you are going to stop showering all together (which some people actually do), the easiest way to replace these oils are to manually add them back in your hair. This means rubbing the oil right on to the hair. There are many beauty products that do this but you can also use your everyday household oils as well. The benefit of this is that they are often cheaper and you don’t have to bombard your hair with any of the other chemicals that are in most beauty products.

Olive Oil

The best oil to nourish your hair!

Olive oil is generally the best type of oil to use for this. To add oil to your hair, simply pour a tablespoon into a dish, warm it for 10 seconds and apply it to your hair using your fingers.

Warning: The oil will heat up very quickly. You should not touch oil that has been heated for more than 10 seconds.

Start at the base of the root and slide your fingers down to the tip. Pull hard (without hurting yourself) to ensure that you are only applying a thin layer of oil to the hair. You can also apply the oil to your scalp. This will help moisturize your scalp and reduce dandruff from flaking off. Leave the oil in for 45 minutes and wash it out with shampoo. You can do this every 3-5 days to give your hair maximum shine and prevent it from drying out.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor Oil the best therapy for any hair problem!!!

This type of oil can be applied in the same way that the olive oil was applied above and is another great one of our home remedies for healthy hair. The difference is that castor oil will help thicken the hair and encourage hair growth due to its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E.

There you have it. Six home remedies for healthy hair that will help you condition your hair, restore important nutrients to it and allow it to shine like it never has before. Don’t fall for the advertising. There are plenty of ways you can get healthy natural hair without them. The line of beauty products is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and companies will do anything to sell you the next “miracle product”. The truth is there is not a big difference between most popular beauty products and products that are already sitting in your cupboard.